Come Alive

Come Alive


Dave Preston is a combination of the old with the new.
    -Kenny Passarelli (Producer - Otis Taylor/Bassist - Elton John, Joe Walsh)

Preston’s first pop venture, Come Alive, feels like a moment with an artist who has begun to fully vet his potential.  And sure enough, the mass of experience combined from playing with pop stars like Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris, as well as working with a long-time pro in Kenny Passarelli, comes through in the writing and performance.  Produced by Kenny Passarelli (bassist for Elton John, Joe Walsh, Dan Fogelberg, Stephen Stills) and grammy award winning engineer Clark Hagan (Chet Atkins, Ray Stevens), Come Alive communicates a convergence of the old with the new.  Not just the previous experiences of Dave Preston as an ambient artist, composer, session player and guitarist for major artists in the pop world, but the experiences of lifetimes spent in music working with people that have impacted generations and hearts long after the songs were recorded and released.  

And this is the impression Come Alive leaves on the listener.  The idea that music can not only shock you with a momentary mood change, but that the right artist, song, and message can weave it’s way into the fabric of a person, a culture, and a generation to become a legacy.  The EP is a beautiful journey of innovative guitar work, thoughtful lyrics, a unique vocal presence, organic sounds and a hint of what might be coming next from Dave Preston.

"It's always exciting to discover an unknown artist. Dave Preston combines musical talent, well crafted songs and a unique crystal clear voice that stands out among the clutter. After decades in the radio and television business in L.A., I know it when I hear it and see it. Dave Preston has big time star potential and won't be unknown for long."

    -Rick Lewis (Lewis & Floorwax 103.5 The Fox)