Composer Dave Preston has performed with some of the biggest POP stars in the world on some of the world's most well known stages.  He has appeared on popular late night television shows performing for millions of viewers worldwide.  

Preston's original ambient music has been featured internationally radio and other media outlets.  All of his ambient/experimental albums have had charting success with the most recent "In These Storms" debuting at #27 on the Zone Music Reporter.  
Currently Dave Preston is the lead guitarist on tour with Jake Shimabukuro as well as producer/co-lead singer along with his wife Rachel James in DEARLING, a folk/rock/country band debuting it's first full-length in the summer of 2016.
Preston resides in Denver, CO where he plays for multiple groups and maintains a heavy presence as one of most sought after producer/musicians in the region.
With extensive years of teaching, Preston is now offering consultations with music production, creative approach, studio arrangements, really anything music.  Please inquire below and we look forward to working with you.